Sherrill Wark is a novelist, screenwriter, short story writer, poet, book designer,  former editor, not-so-little ol' lady but is otherwise normal.

She’s a former member of CAA–NCR (Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region branch) and is the former editor/designer of their e-mag, Byline.

Sherrill has written a series of historical novels about the Acadian people written from the point of view of Keskoua, a Mi'gmaw woman, and set in Port Royal, Acadia (Annapolis Royal NS): Death in l’Acadie; Refuge in l'Acadie; Trapped in l'Acadie;  and Hanged for l'Acadie.

Sherrill Wark sings soprano secundi in an Italian choir and kills people off in her dark short stories under a pseudonym and also under her real name in novels and screenplays. "It's beyond cathartic," she says.

Sherrill's books are listed below.  And below Sherrill's books are Sherrill's writing as Christina Crowe.