Crowe Creations
Print & Digital Book Design

Ottawa ON Canada



Digital book design (Smashwords, Kindle): $30/hr, billed on the half hour


Print book design (original design, no templates used): $2.25/regular page; $4.50/page with graphics/photos; includes blanks


Simple cover: $50, front for digital; front, back and spine for print.

Manuscript reading/evaluation: $250 (400 pages); after that, $1/page.

Our Staff of One


Sherrill Wark was a typesetter for 20 years until desktop publishing made her trade extinct. She has worked on everything from menus to scientific journals. She started out working for Ottawa Valley weekly newspapers in Renfrew and Arnprior then moved to Ottawa where she typeset for private companies for fourteen years..


Sherrill is a writer (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, screenplays) so takes great pride in producing the best possible she can for her clientele — her family.

Client Family


Donald B Anderson: The Creation of the Black Russian Terrier, Vol. 1 “KGBeast” to Russian Pearl; Vol. 2 Moscow: Karabashka Group[Caucasian Ovcharka input]; Vol. 3 Moscow: Teffi Group [Airedale input]; Vol 4 Moscow: Birma Group [Rottweiler input]


Phyllis Bohonis: Fire in the Foothills; The Wilderness; Tomorrow’s Promise


Evelyn Ann Davidson Crete: Ken Davidson: A True Gentleman of Music


Christina Crowe: A Girl Dog's Breakfast ; The Unkindest Cut


Vera Gara: Least-Expected Heroes of the Holocaust: Personal Memories veragara/


Anita Kushwaha: ; and on Twitter @MsAnitaKushwaha


Carole Laurin: When Stroke Meets Trust: A Journey of Inspiration


Patricia K McCarthy: The Crimson Series

Catina Noble:


Joanne D Samson: The Crazy Lady’s Journal: Open Heart, Broken Heart & Cancer; Buttercup BC: “No Critters Allowed ”Buttercup BC: "No Critters Allowed" The I Am an Animal Book The I Am an Animal Book

Gaye Louise Trumley Parisotto: Forces in the Air: An Autobiography of a Canadian Forces Brat


Sherrill Wark: Death in l'Acadie: A Kesk8a Story, Really Stupid Writing Mistakes; Mostly of Love & the Perils Thereof: The Sequel

More about Sherrill:

On my Plate

Editing: Another Bag Another Day, sequel to the very popular Better With a Bag than In a Bag by Jo-Ann L. Tremblay


(1) My blog on writing and editing, Transplanted Heads.

(2) Refuge in l'Acadie: a Kesk8a story (book 2 of planned 6). Self-imposed deadline: mid-September so I'm taking the summer off!

Will be back in the saddle again after Thanksgiving Weekend.