Donald B Anderson: The Creation of the Black Russian Terrier, Vol. 1 “KGBeast” to Russian Pearl; Vol. 2 Moscow: Karabashka Group [Caucasian Ovcharka input]; Vol. 3 Moscow: Teffi Group [Airedale input]; Vol 4 Moscow: Birma Group [Rottweiler input]; Vol. 5 Moscow Families

Phyllis Bohonis: Fire in the Foothills; The Wilderness; Tomorrow’s Promise; The Track; and Helen Whittaker and Margaret McFarland (first two in the "73 Windsor" e-book series)

Evelyn Ann Davidson Crete: Ken Davidson: A True Gentleman of Music  A True Gentleman of Music Print Version  ;  A True Gentleman of Music eVersion  

Christina Crowe: A Girl Dog's Breakfast ; The Unkindest Cut ; My Search for Serotonin: Experiences of Suicidal Depression and How to Deal with It 

Vera Gara: Least-Expected Heroes of the Holocaust: Personal Memories   Vera Gara 

Anita Kushwaha: ; and on Twitter @MsAnitaKushwaha

Carole Laurin: When Stroke Meets Trust: A Journey of Inspiration

Patricia K McCarthy: The Crimson Series Patricia K McCarthy  

Catina Noble:

Gaye  Louise Trumley Parisotto: Forces in the Air: An Autobiography of a Canadian Forces Brat  Forces in the Air