Sherrill Wark


Death in l'Acadie: a Kesk8a story is available at local bookstores and through The e-book is available almost everywhere.

Abundant thanks go to: Phyllis Bohonis, Lyse Coté, Evelyn Crete, Albert Dumont, Warren Guidry, Grandfather Joe, Suzanne Keeptwo, Bill McKay, Sue Pictou, Joanne Samson, Christopher Snowboy, Marcel St-Amand, The Native Learning Circle (Ottawa), Joe Wilmot.

100% through Refuge in l'Acadie: a Kesk8a story!

What's Kesk8a #2 about?

"1694 Port Royal. Ordinary life is disrupted when a beautiful dark-skinned stranger floats in from the Big Bay in a dug-out. She is followed by three self-called slave hunters from Acadia’s enemy, New England.

"The village drunk knows one of these 'slave hunters' all too well: the man kidnapped his little sister years earlier, abandoning her at the docks of Boston Harbor. Keskoua, Keskoua’s love-smitten brother, the mysterious stranger, a man with suspicious motives, and the drunk band together to plan a sea voyage on an unblessed, unnamed (so cursed) ship to find the drunk’s sister and rescue the stranger’s daughter from slavery."

She says her plan is to outlive her great great grandmother who died at 103 but says she might have to ask for an extension.