Sherrill Wark


NOVELIST, screenwriter, short-story writer, poet,

book designer, not-so-little ol' lady, otherwise normal

And she also sings soprano secundi in an Italian choir, di corale parrochiale di Sant'Antonio.

Sherrill Wark is a member of CAA–NCR (the Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region branch). She's the former editor/designer of CAA–NCR's e-mag, Byline.

Sherrill designs digital and print books (for Smashwords, Kindle, Amazon, IngramSpark, local printer, etc.). "I absolutely adore my work," she says. "It's one of those jobs that make you feel guilty: I shouldn't be doing this. I should be 'working' and not 'playing'."

She has just completed her third novel,
Graven Images.

Novels one and two are Death in l'Acadie: a Kesk8a story,
a murder story set in ca. 1681 Acadia; and Refuge in l'Acadie: a Kesk8a story set in 1694 and combining — yes, the slave trade, witchcraft and piracy. The rest of this planned six-book series about the Acadian people written from the point of view of a Mi'gmaw woman are: Trapped in l'Acadie; The Hanging; The Cleansing; and The Expulsion.

See "News" for launch/signings details.

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