Least-expected Heroes of the Holocaust: Personal Memories
    The day war broke out was the first day of Sep­tem­ber 1939. We were on a boat on Lake Balaton with a large group of my parents’ friends, with their chil­dren and grand­children. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. I really could not under­stand what had hap­pened, but suddenly I saw all the adults looking very fright­ened. They could hard­ly speak to each other.

 “What is going to hap­pen?” they murmured. “How long will it last?”

 What did happen was way beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.


Least-expected Heroes of the Holocaust: Personal Memories, © 2011 Vera Gara, ISBN: 978-0-9877789-0-1, 136 p. $15. Copies may be obtained from the author at vgara33@gmail.com

“Author Vera Gara tells of a childhood of virtually unimaginable circum­stances beginning in 1938 when her Jewish Austrian family was forced to flee from Vienna to Hungary at the beginning of the Nazi nightmare. She guides readers through the ensuing ordeals which involved being forced into ghettos, then cattle cars, and months of forced labour before ending up at Theresien camp near Prague, and finally, years later, reaching the freedom of Vienna . . .”

— The Hon. David Kilgour.